World's Hottest Chocolate Bar

The World's Hottest Chocolate Bar is the brainchild of Vat19's owner, Jamie Salvatori.

Made possible by Flamethrower Candy Company, this diminutive bar will buckle the knees of the most ardent spice lover.

The challenge, if you dare to take it on, is to eat one of the bar's twelve tiny squares each minute. If you can make it for twelve minutes, you'll join the rarified air of true spicetronauts.

“These people are not joking...It hits you like a brick, and does not let up at all.” 

- Amazon 5-star Review -

Just How Hot is It?

It'll melt your dang face off!

We put as much hellfire chili extract as possible into this bar. A piece the size of a pinhead will cause your eyes to water. Only the most ardent spice enthusiasts can hope to complete the challenge. Not a single person at Vat19 has eaten more than three quarters of a bar. It's the hottest piece of chocolate that anyone has ever created.


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